This weekend I finally decided that I would open up a Twitter account. I have been trying to avoid it as long as possible because it’s another new technology to learn, but it seems like it is a great place to promote things, so I took the plunge.

It was surprisingly easy to set up, and I was glad that I managed to find a good Twitter name as well. But the fun and games had only just started. Who should I follow? I started off with a couple of friends, and some publishers and agents. Imagine my surprise when one of the publishers then followed me in return, which left me wondering whether it was automatic or whether I should be flattered!

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun, but I can see that I will need to brush up on my hashtags and really learn how to make the most of it. As with any medium there is so much of it that working out how to make best use of it can take some time and experience.

You can find me on @sashagreeneauth if you do want to connect.

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