The importance of having a break

It was a bit of a marathon to get my NWS submission in. Hours were snatched for writing in among all the other things I do with my life. And so I promised myself a break from writing for at least a few weeks.

It’s actually been great to have a break. I’ve done loads of gardening, for starters. Summer is always a busy time, and with all the rain we’ve been having the weeds just seem to grow like magic.

The other thing I’ve been doing is much more reading. I’ve finally got around to making a start on a massive book about spies in WW2 that’s been waiting for a while. And also a lot more time for social media. And being able to catch up on some good blogs, mainly about writing, which I thought I would share with you.

First of all, there’s the ever useful RNA blog:

Then, there’s Joanna and Sophie’s really interesting blog at Liberta, which covers loads of things about writing:

Wendy Clarke, who is blogging about her writing, and also has lots of interesting interviews:

Three blogs by three of my favourite authors, who also have lots of interesting articles:

Kate Walker:

Rachael Thomas:

Viki Meadows:

And for those interested in history, the endlessly interesting All Things Georgian blog:

There are loads more, of course, that I haven’t had time to include here. But I’m off now to work in the garden, assuming the rain holds off!

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